Autumn Colour

For the first time ever I like my local roundabout :o

Can you see why? The light and autumn colour were so good on my way home last Sunday afternoon that I rushed and grabbed my camera.

Orange and blue turned out to be such a good colour combination elsewhere on our estate and the low angled light from the day's setting sun added a luminous quality to the tops of the trees.

I've always loved this stately avenue - which lines the main road - at this time of year. I believe whoever planned the trees for our estate did a very good job :)

It's been a berry good year don't you think?

For lots more Autumn Colour, do visit Dave's Fall Color Project.


  1. You've captured that magical combination of leaf colour, sky and light perfectly. I love that it is in an urban setting too, shows what a difference it makes to see beauty amongst all the utility. Wish more planners thought things out that carefully! And that councils didn't chop trees down because falling conkers could hurt someone...

  2. The happiness in your voice rings out loud and clear, VP! It is indeed beautiful. When the light is just right the world is transformed, even your roundabout. :-)

  3. the reds of autums spoil me for the rest of the year!

  4. I was just thinking the same as I drove to Whitehall today - and bought some very posh pruners for my garden

  5. What great colour trees. It really is a good year this year.

  6. oh it is scrummy, isn't it?!

  7. Nice! The colors in the roundabout trees are great. As are the colors in the tree lined roadway!

  8. A beautiful combination of colours there VP - I think autumn has been even better than usual this year!

  9. Great color! I'm kind of glad I posted before visiting others, it's just too intimidated to see real fall color. Love the orange against the sky!

  10. Janet - I usually spend so much time getting out into the countryside to appreciate autumn, so it was lovely to find myself bowled over by it right on my doorstep :)

    Frances - lovely to see you. Light is everything and in autumn the trees seem to glow in that magic hour around sunset xxx

    Petoskystone - we don't get so much in the way of red around here, but I do have a field maple next to the house, so there is some :)

    Mark - Threadspider and I went there yesterday and very much enjoyed our journey on the way, particularly the lines of poplars down the A350.

    Hermes and NG - I think our autumns have got better lately

    Carrie - isn't it just? I hope you're feeling better

    Dave - thanks and thanks for hosting the Fall Colour Project

    Town Mouse - we seem to be having more orange than usual this year, which makes a good change. My neighbour's birch trees have been spectacular the past few days.


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