Unusual Front Gardens #10: Minimal

What are the options for our new build homes when you're given 2 minimal, postage stamp sized lawns either side of your front pathway? Here's one solution...


  1. If I sliced off the top of the picture so only the pot, the step and the funny little square thing showed - I'd probably like this garden (in a minimalist kind of way!).


  2. I agree with lucy. It is a nice minimal garden

  3. Presumably the square raised bed thingy containers some dead plants?

  4. That should say contains, not containers

  5. One part of me cringes at the lack of garden life but at least a couple of planters soften the effect. Mini lawns in front gardens have never been my favourite thing.

  6. Reminds me of the Tate Bricks.

    PS Gardeners arrived today - one corner completed - one HUGE lorry load taken away.

  7. Hope mention on http://esthersgardennotes.blogspot.com/ is ok.


  8. Sometimes I crave a no maintenance space like this!

  9. Sorry, I hate it. We're being taken over by paving, tarmac and faux-slabs made from concrete. The rain has nowhere to go and floods the streets (at best). I think all new builds should at least be required to use those porous paving blocks. I'm going to stop now before I really get my rant on...

  10. I think I must agree with Janet...we have huge flooding issues here and too much hardscapes. Personally I'd like to see some green with all that lovely brick.

  11. Lucy - this is an uncropped photo :)

    fer - I'll let the owners know!

    Martyn - click on the image to enlarge and you'll see both plants are in flower

    EG - I'm torn between liking it and not - it's an improvement on the lawn...

    Petoskystone - yes

    Mark - yes, now I come to think about it

    EM - :)

    Damo - not sure it's no maintenance - weeds tend to colonise the gaps in time...

    Janet - there's usually drainage down between these brick paviors, but yes a choice of an even more eco-friendly material would be great.

    Joan - of course that's another option and would have been my choice too. I do like the architectural plant though and my choice would have been to have 2 of these and ditch the alpine trough if I was going for the minimal look.

    But then it's not my garden...


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