Unusual Front Gardens #9: Tea Pots

I'm indebted to Mark at Views From the Bike Shed who sent me this photo a while back. He tells me that it was taken Just outside Narberth on the road to Colby Woodland Garden. It reminds me of one of the balcony gardens at the RHS London Plant and Design Show last year (see the second collage, upper right hand side) where Andrew Fisher Tomlin (I believe) used lots of brightly coloured IKEA watering cans to decorate his allotted wall space. Both make me smile.

Thanks Mark, and do visit his blog everyone as not only is he an all round good egg and blogger to boot, he's also taking part in NaBloPoMo this month and so needs every bit of support he can get.


  1. I like it, but I think if I attempted something similar they'd get nicked :(

  2. Looking at my front garden makes me feel guilty. It always gets neglected - probably because I don't like working where people are walking past. I must do better next year.

  3. I also nearly crashed the car taking this photo - the things I do for Veg Plotting! Cheers for teh blog plug

  4. Emma - hello, it's you :)

    EG - luckily I'm in a corner with just a few houses. It's the only way I get to see my neighbours sometimes!

    Mark - congratulations, you're my Commenter of the Week :)

  5. Definitely different but not my cup of tea. I have a plate garden lined up for my Q post for this week's ABC Wednesday :)

  6. Anna - I saw your plate garden. Good spot!


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