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At the beginning of the year when I was musing about how often to run Out on the Streets in 2010*, a number of you suggested I should produce a separate blog about public planting in its own right.

Whilst I like the idea, I also know it would be too much for me to try and run a separate blog to the same level of quality and success as this one. Besides, I believe a separate blog wouldn't reach as wide an audience and I do love weaving in these posts amongst all the other things which interest me.

Therefore, I was very pleased when Google implemented their Pages function earlier this year as this seemed to provide a good compromise. However, having started to sort through the hundreds of links I've bookmarked and filed under Public Planting, I've also realised that I can't really do them justice within a single page.

So I've classified the links I have into a number of key categories, which will be explained briefly on my new Page and over the next few weeks I'll be publishing as series of posts, one for each category. I'll then be linking to these posts on my Page and once the final one is published, then it will be as well. Hopefully you'll find them interesting in its own right and if you've found something useful which should be included, then do please get in touch.

The posts will also be updated as appropriate when any new useful resources come to my attention and of course may be split down even further if and when any of them become unwieldy. The categories I've identified so far (in no particular order) are:
  • Academic/Professional Organisations - UK
  • Charities/NGOs
  • Non-UK Resources
  • Initiatives/Projects
  • Publications
  • Blogs/People
  • Techniques and Best Practice

Sometimes I wonder if I should have been a librarian, as the urge to categorise and file information is a strong force within me ;)

The picture is of some minimal public planting I found on my way to take the Chippenham webcam photo.

* = NB kick off post for the next episode is due shortly, so do be on the lookout for suitably festive public planting and/or decorations in your neighbourhood ready for our twinkly celebrations :)


  1. cor blimey - that all sounds complicated to me! maybe you could add librarianship to your many careers?

  2. HI Lu - sorry it's a bit dry, but I need to warn people these posts are going to appear, so it's not so much of a surprise. Hopefully delivery in 'bite sized chunks' will make everything a bit more digestible for everyone who's interested too.

  3. Your blog gets more impressive every day - I am so in awe.

    PS Apple jelly is good too!

  4. Excellent, sounds fun! Though the idea that I might find "festive public planting" to contribute round here made me smile. Though you do irony, so maybe that's my "in"!

    (Word verification was "grimed", which sums up the local roundabout planting...)

  5. Mark - you're too kind :D I'm about to make quince tarte tatin - yum!

    Janet - you're me comment of the week, so your reply is in today's Sunday Supplement #7 :)


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