Introducing Pickles

Our Skimble and Jess have a rival for our affections in the shape of the pictured Pickles. He's been a resident in our neighbourhood for about 9 months now and for most of that time we thought he was trying to adopt us as he's the friendliest cat we've ever met.

It turns out he lives just around the corner, but craves affection when his owners are out during the day. This means he waits for the children going to/from school and also is firm friends with Nina, our neighbour's border collie. They frequently rub noses when Nina returns from one of her daily walks.

It also means that anything we do out the front comes under intense scrutiny whether it's simply taking the bin out to the kerbside emptying area, gardening or whatever. Walking can be quite hazardous as Pickles at some point will trip you up and looks quite hurt that you've trodden on him. Our postie was asking if we knew where he came from the other day: this cat's been following me for the past 10 minutes and has tripped me up at least 4 times!

It's only recently we've found out his name. NAH managed to lock him in our garage one day after Pickles had been 'helping' him out in there. His owners were most relieved when we found him, as they'd had to deal with a pair of distraught children all day.

On Friday he tried to come to IKEA with us: jumping in and out of the car as we got ready to leave. Here you can see one of our attempts to try and distract him away from the car. Skimble and Jess haven't quite cottoned on to the fact he's attempted to get into the house many a time and so on the whole have been quite tolerant, though Jess did see him off the other day.

He brightens up our day and I can't think of a better name for this most curious of cats.


  1. Pickles does get itself in a pickle from time to time but what a gorgeous and sweet widdle puddytat! So now you have 2 fulltime and 1 part-time cat! ;-)

  2. A good name is Pickles, I think.

    Our neighbour's cat used to jump in our car if I kleft thr door open - I drove it to work once!

  3. so much a tom is pickles with his friendliness & demands for attention!

  4. I have the exact same cat here in France. But mine's called Freddie.

  5. Nice post and a lovely looking cat! Flighty xx

  6. Quite unusual to have a cat that is so friendly to strangers. I hope he has a collar on - sounds like the kind of cat who will one day actually make it to IKEA!

  7. He's lovely - very like my cat whose second name was Pickle, in fact. I must find a photo.

    I used to have cats following me along the road when I did a paper round as a teenager (one at a time, I mean, not a whole load all at once, Pied Piper style!).

  8. I have a neighbor cat that comes into our garage and 'help himself' too. It's been a bit of problem because he is much bigger than our cats and he bosses around, not really friendly cat. I hope your cats get along well with Pickles.

  9. He certainly is appropriately named.

    I miss-heard the news the other morning and thought British Airways is amalgamating with IKEA. Astonishing images of newly designed seats in aircraft and flat-pack lockers in the airport lounges meandered through my brain.

    Air Iberia.


  10. Pickles sounds quite a character and a purrfect potential pal for Jess and Skimble :)

  11. Yolanda - it's 2 full time and 2 part time now as there's Moly too. I'm catching you up!

    Mark - ooh what did you do? Did you have to drive home again?

    Petoskystone - he's still very much at it :)

    Cro Magnon- welcome :) Pickles is a livlier and slinkier version of our Skimble ;)

    Flighty - I think we were both secretly hoping we would get fully adopted, but he's just very friendly

    EG - no collar, so I'm hoping he's been chipped. I think he will too!

    Juliet - Pied Piper style would have been great though :)

    LLJ - they seem to get on fine most of the time thank goodness

    Esther - your story's made me giggle :)

    Anna - character indeed


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