Postcard From Biddulph Grange

We visited Biddulph Grange in June just after Alan Titchmarsh and his attendant TV crew had finished filming for Alan Titchmarsh's Garden Secrets, which starts tonight on BBC2 at 8pm. He'll be looking at four key garden styles over the centuries encapsulated in four great gardens and then seeing how the ideas from these can be translated into our humble smaller plots back home.

Biddulph Grange will be used to illustrate the Victorian era: a time of plant hunting and travel to far distant lands and how the styles and plant collections of these countries were often squashed into one garden. Biddulph Grange won't be featured in tonight's programme (it's the turn of the 17th century and Hatfield House), but soon I'll be taking you with me on my visit back in June.

Happy Mouffetard's been more recently and you can see what she made of it in terms of bling and benches.


  1. Thanks for a most timely reminder VP - I read about this new series at the weekend but it had not clicked yet that it is on tonight. Look forward to viewing. Have not been to Biddulph for several years but was not struck at the time. Should really make a return visit. Will keep an eye open for your post.

  2. I like the look of that garden - never heard of it before. Checked link and it is fairly near to one of my Comapany's depots - so diversion in order

  3. that photo gives me the impression that biddulph grange employs a battalion of gardeners!

  4. Thanks for the reminder - a truly great garden.

  5. You seem to have been following Mr T around this summer or was it the other way round. We did just miss him at Highgrove as well!! I enjoyed Biddulph Grange when I went some years back but might go back at Dahlia time

  6. That's a great photo, VP. And thanks for both the links and the reminder to settle down in front of the TV tonight.

  7. Thanks for sharing this amazing pic of an awesome garden. I wish I could see these garden shows.

  8. We visited Biddulph Grange on our way home from the Peak District earlier this year. Unfortunately it started to rain almost as soon as we arrived & got heavier & heavier as we walked round. In the end it was so unpleasant we gave up which was a huge shame so am looking forward to seeing it in a better light!

  9. I always feel so left out when I see the wonderful Television programs available in England and on BBC2. "Not available in your area" the videos say...sigh...

    Shusshhh...have always had a bit of a pitter patter for Mr.T. Shook his hand once you know)))).

    Maybe Biddulph Grange on another visit to merry ole..Great Photo!

  10. Anna - I'll be writing up my gardening visit to coincide with the programme featuring Biddulph

    Mark - sounds like a good idea :)

    Petoskystone - like most National Trust properties, there'll be a tiny number of paid staff, but aided by a battalion of volunteers!

    Hermes and HM - you're welcome

    PG - I also saw him at Hampton Court show! They were planting out the Dahlias when I was there. I'd like to see what they were like later.

    Mr Brown Thumb - welcome! I wouldn't be surprised if this one appears somewhere on American TV as I'm sure it'll be right up yours and many others' streets :)

    Ms B - it was quite a dull day when we were there, so it'll be interesting to see if that comes over on the TV, or whether the lighting takes care of that problem

    Gardeningbren - well you're one up on many people here! Let us know when you come across the pond? Thanks for following too :)


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