YAWA Dictionary: Crane

Previously on Veg Plotting when referring to cranes I've meant these:

Which confused quite a few people because they thought I meant this:

And the confusion will probably remain because I'm likely to write about either nowadays because the Common Crane (Grus grus) is in the process of being restored to the Somerset Levels and Moors here in south western England via The Great Crane Project. The above picture is courtesy of Simon at Serendipity, who took this photo on a recent trip to the fantastic London Wetlands Centre. Great spot Simon and many thanks for sending me the picture :)

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  1. glad to see cranes are being restored to the habitat! when i see 'crane' i think http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sandhill_Crane
    , which leads to me to think of the sad state of the Platte river...

  2. There is a crane (bird variety) in Pembrokeshire at the moment - check out the brilliant bird blog on


    The concept behind this blog is really simple and yet it so works - people simply post what they have seen; but over time it builds to fascinating picture and record of the area's bird and wildlife.

  3. Petoskystone - there's quite a few species restoration projects. In Wiltshire we have the Great Bustard on Salisbury Plain and there's the Beaver project too, which is more controversial. There's also been talk of reintroducing wolves, but this has been under discssion for decades and I suspect won't happen (if at all) until the UK's finances are in better shape.

    Mark - what a great blog! Something which should be done for every county...


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