Sowing Some Seeds - Let's Knit!

It's not often you see me on here is it? ;)

A while ago I wrote about Rebel Knitting. At the time Helen aka Patientgardener commented that like me, she's looking out for some sort of community knitting project to join in with. Yesterday she found it and emailed to tell me so. Kathryn Hall of Plant Whatever Brings You Joy has started a great blogging community initiative to knit warm scarves for schoolgirls in a remote region of Pakistan. Kathryn was inspired by reading Three Cups of Tea, a dramatic tale of a mountaineer lost on the slopes of K2, who is rescued by the inhabitants of a remote village. From that act of kindness and sheer chance, the mountaineer, Greg Mortensen, returned to the United States determined to start a school for girls back in Pakistan. Having read the book, Kathryn explains the story much better than I can (see the above link) and would like to help in a more practical way than just giving money. So she's come up with the idea of knitting warm scarves for the girls. A number of our blogging pals in the States have pledged to join her and Helen and I will also be knitting away over the next few weeks.

Kathryn is co-ordinating things in the US, but it struck me that it would be wasteful for Helen and I send our scarves all the way to the States for them to be sent on to Pakistan. So one of us (and I'm happy for it to be me) will co-ordinate a similar initiative from here in the UK. Would you like to join us? Each scarf should be 1 foot wide and 5 feet long and can be in whatever yarn, colour(s) and pattern you wish to use. Leave a comment here if you and/or anyone you know who likes knitting are intending to join us. Helen and I will work out exactly what needs to be done regarding timing and where to send your completed scarves to. The most important thing is to raid your wool stash, get your needles out now and start knitting!

Thanks to Threadspider for taking the photo today when I went over to hers for coffee. Note to Emmat - this is what happens when you get three wet days in February ;)


  1. Nice to see a bit of you!
    Wonderful idea - I wont be joining you as I cannot knit for toffee -

  2. I think I might join in on this one. I can crank one out on a knifty knitter. Love the picture.

  3. I can only do garter stitch, does that count?

  4. AG - TS and I thought of you when taking the photo!

    Deb - hurrah! Presumably you'll get in touch with Kathryn?

    SOL - any pattern will do, so garter stitch's fine. Wanna play?

  5. oooooh I'd love to join in. I'm a closet knitter too. Unfortunately rather slow to achieve things though as I rarely get the time. I'll do my bst though... In the middle of a sweatshirt for my eldest at the moment but will either break it off or finish it (hollow laugh) and get something done scarf-wise. Will let you know if I actually manage it.

  6. CG - the more the merrier. Whilst Kathryn is trying to co-ordinate a big batch to be sent at once, I'm sure sending them at other times will be just as welcome.

  7. I've currently got 3 knitting projects on the go but I'll try to pull in a scarf for you. Won't be knitting in November though.

  8. that sure looks warm. Will be getting cold here in Colorado really soon and will have to break out all my winter stuff.

  9. Dear VP: Many many thanks for reposting the Scarf Initiative for your readers! Thanks also to you and Helen to be willing to serve as a central send-off point in the UK. Good to note we are asking that scarves be five feet long and one foot wide. Colors and textures (and stitches, yes) will all vary. Some are using crochet hooks rather than knitting needles. YOUR loving creation to the mountain girls in Pakistan. More details to follow. Invitation: come read the many comments coming in at Very inspiring. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, all! Kathryn xoxoxo

  10. Maggi - that's great I'll hold you to that :)

    Tommy - I thought it must be getting cold over your way when I visted you earlier today :(

    Kathryn - welcome! Let's keep in touch :)

  11. Hi, VP: I ought to have mentioned, if any of your readers are joining us please ask them to email me directly so they don't miss out on email updates.It's very kind of you to serve as a mail spot in the UK, but the administrative work ought not end up on your desk, nor did you sign up for a lot of orchestrating.:) Just so it's clear: VP and Helen are generously offering to serve as the UK MAILING address, so everything comes from one central place (and we can monitor one package, not a dozen). Americans will mail to me; I will make one big package and send directly to Pakistan. You can email me for more details at joyblog (at) THANKS! Kathryn xoxo

  12. ps very impressed with constantgardener knitting a SWEATSHIRT

  13. :D you should have seen my toy sheep!

    I'm most proud of the fingerless gloves I did with a great deal of swearing just after Christmas. Only thing was, by the time I finished them the cold weather was gone and I haven't needed to wear them yet...

  14. You look very snuggly wrapped up in that scarf VP. A great idea. I would like to join in but is there a deadline ? I knit at the pace of a snail and a slow one at that.

  15. Hi VP - sorry missed this post with the picks not working. See my email re collecting and posting scarves.

  16. Good for you, VP! (And it's so much fun to see you in your scarf!) I'm knitting away over at Poor Richard's Almanac for Kathryn's initiative, too.

  17. Kathryn - thanks for that - will do

    Emmat - tee hee!

    CG - I made my fingerless gloves in February. We had such a cold snap, I got my needles out for the first time in 20 years!

    Anna - the deadline's 1st November. Is that too soon for you?

    PG - thanks very much, I've already seen it.

    OFB - welcome fellow knitting project buddy! I'm looking forward to seeing all the scarves posted on Kathryn's blog. I've got some nice sparkly blue to knit up.


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