All Shook Up

The UK's been all abuzz today following last night's earthquake. Those of you in California and the like will be laughing your socks off at the fuss made over a quake registering a puny 5.2 on the Richter scale plus a few cracked and tumbled chimney pots. But for us it's a big deal, because it's the biggest for nearly 25 years and it seems it was felt pretty much over the whole of the country.

I woke up when it happened. There was a deep rumbling that penetrated my slumbers just before 1 am. The wardrobe doors flew open, but I wasn't panicked this time around as I remembered the last 'big' one in 2002. That time I shot out of bed and looked out the window to see if I could find the cause of our house shakes. Everything appeared surprisingly normal. This time I just opened 1 eye, registered it was an earthquake and went back to sleep. NAH slept through it all as usual.

Kethry over at Urbania to Stoneheads has done a hilarious summary from today's media. I'll only add that it appears that mainly women woke up and then had to poke their partner in the ribs for them to realise that anything was going on at all. Make of that what you will ;)


  1. That's funny and it sure does figure.

  2. I slept through the one in 2002 but was really chuffed that the bit of drystone walling I'd done in the garden (in Gloucestershire) had withstood it.

    I thought Kethry's summary was good too, probably the best review of the papers that I've read for a long time.

  3. I'm a light sleeper but even so didn't notice it!

  4. Apparently it's the biggest UK quake in 25 years and the insurance claims are going to run to millions of pounds.

    GREAT news to hear that the book arrived!

  5. thankyou, thankyou!!! *blush*. glad you enjoyed!!


  6. Hi There!
    The quake woke me - but I had no idea what it was - thought he owls must have grown and decided to play near the window!

  7. I was on holiday in Palm Springs when we had our last "big" one, it was a 6.7 earthquake. I'm a native Californian, so I just rolled over and went back to sleep. Palm Springs was about 150 miles from the epicenter. When we got up and went down to breakfast, there were lots of "visitors", mainly from the Mid-West, packed and ready to leave town. It didn't matter to them that unless they drove, they weren't going to be able to leave Southern California, the damages were too much.

  8. It doesn't surprise me that the women had to wake up the men. My husband sleeps through just about anything.

  9. no wonder you panicked - I would also :) never experienced something similar. greetings.

  10. Hi everyone - glad to see you've seen the funny side of all the fuss yesterday!

    Kethry - thanks for all your hard work in putting your piece together - it saved me a lot of time yesterday and much better put too :)

    David - I'm pleased about your book too - will be doing a piece on the Amazon price vs the price from your contact!


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