Snowdrop Census - Week 4

Back Garden - 192
Front Garden - 111
Side Garden - 323
Guerilla Garden - 302

The sun feels like it has some warmth in it for the first time this year. It looks like I'll be able to show you the first daffodils next week. The Clematis are sprouting back into life - quick, where's my secauteurs?


  1. Oh, that's my idea of garden bliss. Nearly a thousand snowdrops all shining in the grass...maybe one day. For now, I'll have to content myself with a few dozen (but lots of REAL snowdrops--well, snow flakes dropped on everything--for a while to come.)

  2. OOooh, wonderful. Ours are totally buried in snow! Very pretty!

  3. It certainly has today! Likewise, I hope, with my few daffodils. With weather like this everything will be sprouting!
    Have a good weekend!

  4. Our daffs are starting to show their flower buds now too. Not sure we'll get a bloom next week but they're definatly on their way! :)

  5. Back on the internet then, Michelle! It was such a great day today-I pruned a little this afternoon-more tomorrow. Yesterday was fun too!

  6. Hi everyone - glad you like the signs of spring :)

    Threadspider - I was on a v limited 'workaround' to get this posted. We had to reinstall AOL in the end, so only just back on email as well


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