Award Reward

The lovely Dragonstar has honoured me with the Nice Matters Award. I first met Dragonstar a few weeks ago through our ABC Wednesday posts, so it's great to have an award from a new blogging friend. So who to pass this award onto? I've decided to keep the ABC Wednesday theme and thank some of the many people who've not only commented on my ABC pictures, but have also stopped by on other days of the week and said 'hello' on other posts. So, a big shout goes out to:


  1. AHHH you shouldn't have!! but really ...thanks so much! I love it!....let me see if I can get it over to by blog!

  2. Awww! How lovely! Well many congratulations. You'll have to get all technical now and it get pinned on your wall. :o)

  3. Thank you so much VP for this award, I'm very excited and honored and it means a lot to me, to get this from a such a warmhearted person like you.

  4. You deserve it - you have a really nice blog. I just don't get over often enough!

  5. Hi VP thanks for the recognition, it is appreciated.

  6. Couldn't have happened to a nicer blogger ( or person) : )

  7. Congratulations, it's well deserved!

  8. neva, katch photo and max-e - no problem, you deserve it! See you next week at E, if not before...

    Daffy, Threadspider and Flighty - aww shucks, I'm all embarassed now!

    Dragonstar - thanks again!


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