Tree Rescue

My Guerilla Gardening literally reached new heights today. A couple of days ago I 'liberated' these 4 trees from Morrison's for a bargain £1.99 each - who could resist? Not me.

Hmm where to put them, let's see...

Aha, how about the the public land where the council chopped down 4 trees last year after 2 of them landed in our garden?

I've been surveying the scene from our bedroom the last few months - it looks like a bomb's hit it (the scene, not our bedroom!). Whilst I appreciate the extra light that corner of the garden's now getting, I'm also aware it's less private. The previous trees were Fraxinus excelsior (ash) - they would have grown too tall anyway and I believe the council won't be replacing them. So my solution is to plant 4 more reasonably sized trees I would really like to have in my garden, but don't have the room for - Prunus avium (wild cherry), Amelanchier canadensis (snowy mespilus), Salix matsudana 'Tortuosa' (contorted, corkscrew or dragon's claw willow) and Salix alba vitellina 'Britzensis' (scarlet willow).

Job completed just before lunch today :)


  1. Personally i love these kind of rescues.. rescuing the poor delapidated plants that have been neglected by the big supermarkets.. i rescued a poinsetta that way before christmas from tescos, half the bracts fell off in the week immediately following but its looking much much healthier now. I reckon by next christmas i should have a lovely plant to show off - and i even know how to get the bracts to turn red again!


  2. Hi VP, that's a nice selection of trees. I'd never been much of a willow fan until very recently when I discovered that willow is second only to oak for the variety of wildlife the tree supports. Will you pollard it so you always get the colour of the new wands - source for weaving projects too! I've planted cherries in my garden and on the allotment because they're so popular with the birds - for the buds as much as for the cherries.


  3. Can you come be my gardner? I like to look but not actually garden.

  4. I love liberating plants - it feels good. Sometimes I get a bit carried away with it though.

    I was just reading your post from December about the loss of the trees. It's hard to lose trees, even if you get more light. I'm glad you've found some replacements!

    I keep indulging in the odd spot of guerilla gardening - I just have to remember the different places I planted things.

  5. Kethry - everyone will be beating a path to your door to find out your secret!

    Simon - you've hit the nail on the head. A selection for wildlife, attractiveness and coppicing. I've got a supply of hazel up at the allotment, in a few years time I'll have a ready supply of willow too!

    Nessa - that's a tempting offer, but my home's here with NAH ;)

  6. Kate - sorry I left you out. Yes, it felt good to have done something positive today!

  7. VP !
    You have been one busy girl with the revamp of your blog .. well done !
    I am jealous you have the room for more trees and what a variety !
    They are going to be an eye full when they get going .. can't wait to see !
    Still reading here ... moving on !

  8. Now that's no mean achievement all before lunch.A good choice - hope that they flourish for you. I have always hankered after an amelanchier. I feel the excuse for a trip to Morrisons coming on.

  9. Joy - glad you like the revamped blog, particularly the cats :)

    Anna - I feel the same about Amlelianchier, but have no room in the garden. So it's the tree closest to the fence, so we'll still get to see it in its full glory!


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