Snowdrop Census - Week 6

Guerilla Garden Snowdrops- February 2008
Back Garden - 193
Front Garden - 117
Side Garden - 381
Guerilla Garden - 389

This exceeds last year's total :) It looks like the recent frosty nights helped to keep them going. It also shows that last year's wet summer hasn't affected them that much - something I was concerned about. I suspect next week's count will show them in decline as the daffodils begin to really gird themselves up for Spring...


  1. WoW! Did you plant those yourself? color me impressed...

  2. Yay, well done! I've still got a grand total of none... Not even seen any around and about.

  3. After a couple days of mild weather, we're back in the deep freeze here. So the only snowdrops i'm currently experiencing are of the precipitating kind...


    Amazing :) they sure are pretty.

  5. Wow! I can't fathom counting them. . . (side note to jodi -- I would like to still count precipitation kind of snowdrops here -- not much for us this year at all even tho it snowed 12 times this winter. )

    I spotted daffodils for the first time this year just the other day.

    BTW, I also wrote a comment on your potato post.

  6. Katie - yep and then nature's doing it's own bit by multiplying them a little each year :)

    Paul & Melanie - I'm amazed you've not seen any - I saw loads when I drove to Cheltenham last Friday...

    Jodi - I like your snow description, makes it seem very gentle, though I suspect it's not actually the case in Nova Scotia at the moment!

    Isadora and Paulie - yep I count them every year as the originals were a birthday present a few years ago. I was so pleased they survived my haphazard and hurried planting that I counted them and its kinda become an annual habit :)

  7. I wondered too whether last summer's deluges might have caused the bulbs to rot but my snowdrops have come come through apparently unscathed :)

  8. Hi Anna - thanks for stopping by and commenting so much lately :)

    I'm glad you've got a good display in your neck of the woods too!


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