Thank You NAH!

Readers, you should find my site a little easier to read from now on. I've been grumbling to myself about the inconsistency in Blogger with separating out my paragraphs. The glutinous mass in my Garden Bloggers Challenge piece yesterday, finally galvanised me into asking NAH about it. He advised me to try using the Shift + Return keys and hey presto it worked :)

This is in spite of NAH being laid up with a nasty stomach virus. He's just murmured from his sick bed that he still has his uses - you bet you do!


  1. Hey, thank NAH for the info. Now my stuff won't be all weird.

  2. Husbands ALWAYS have their usues!! this was very funny!

  3. Hi Gardenjoy4me & Neva - glad this made you laugh as I did too :)

    aunt debbi/kurts mom - glad you found this useful!

  4. What do is this-

    If blogger puts in lots of extra spaces, like when you put in photo's, highlight the whole section, then press Ctrl + C (as though to copy) then immediately Ctrl + V. The section will all close up again. Be warned though that this method will remove other formatting such as italics, etc.

  5. sorry that should have read "what I do is this-"


  6. Thanks Helena - that's another great tip! :)


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