Snowdrop Census - Final Week

Snowdrops & Daffodils - up the hill, yesterday
Back Garden - 195
Front Garden - 107
Side Garden - 408
Guerilla Garden - 444

Last year's total has been well exceeded, though most of the snowdrops are looking past their best now. It's as if they realise that the last month of winter is nearing its end and the first breath of spring is here. Next month the colour will definitely be yellow and the freshest of green.


  1. Looking great - and the sunlight is strong too!

  2. VP
    I am totally jealous once again .. all I have to look forward to is our icebergs melting .. IF , we are lucky ..
    But hey ... those are a lot of beautiful Spring flowers girl !
    PS .. you get to have flowers and chocolate ? how fair is that ! hehehe !

  3. I have enjoyed reading your snowdrop census, your garden must be beautiful.

  4. My two clumps! of snowdrops are going over now. My dad has made me an offer of more from his garden. Must get round there with my trowel, while they are still in the green! x

  5. Hi David and welcome back! Yes, there seems to have been a major shift towards Spring with the lighting and temperature this week :)

    Hi Joy - have you got over your chocothon yet? I bet you'll soon see the first signs of Spring over there too...

    Nessa - welcome back :)

    Starnitesky - I'm glad you've liked the series. It's been good to pin some of my diary notes around 1 of my regular activities at this time of the year. I was worried I might have bored you all though, so your positive feedback's much appreciated!

    Louise - get over to your dad's pronto. In the green and after a little bit of rain's the perfect time to get them in!

  6. What a lovely photo - full of sunshine. I am always sad to see the end of the snowdrops but the arrival of the daffodils means that spring is even nearer !

  7. Hi Anna,

    Yes, daffodils are just so cheerful, so you can't do anything other than smile :)


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