A Recipe for Happiness

Saturdays are still special:

A leisurely breakfast with a cafetiere of coffee instead of the usual instant

A cold, crisp winter's day - brilliant sunshine and air like champagne

A walk into town with a multitude of birds singing at the tops of their voices

The Bucket Band playing feel good music - a fiddle, guitar and double bass with a folk/bluegrass twist. There's dancing in the streets

A forlorn author sits in contrast to his book in Waterstones. I'm the first person apart from friends to stop by. He cheers up visibly

I realise I don't need a recipe - I have one already, here and now :)

With thanks to Nigel Linacre, a local Chippenham author for the image from the cover of his book. He invited me to pick a recipe at random from the basket next to him. I chose Salad Bar - 'Decide on your favourite salad and start to gather the ingredients.'


  1. Saturday sounds like a lovely day - listening to good music and dancing in the streets. I like the book cover.

  2. Hi Kate & Aunt Debbi,

    It was a great day :) Even though they were only very simple things, they combined to make it perfect.

  3. I usually work on Saturdays and have a day off during the work.
    It's good to see that you had a good one!

  4. Lovely post Michelle-very atmospheric.

  5. Flighty - I'm sure you'll have a great Saturday substitute, whichever day of the week it is :)

    Threadspider - thanks for the compliment :)


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