Changing Chippenham - 2

This is where I was told I'd passed my driving test 20+ years ago. Back then it was a cluster of non-descript low-rise buildings belonging to the Department of Transport. Now It's going to be a bland lego-style blend of apartments and houses, handy for the railway line (see the passing train?), but not necessarily the railway station.

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  1. I just wish that some thinking and planning went into building new structures. Same thing here ... building springing up haphazardly.

  2. My husband has a lot to do with the planning for our community. Even though we are seeing lots of growth, it's planned. I am looking forward to seeing the positive changes to our area. For us, it means some old buildings coming down and pretty new stuff in its place. Lots of green areas! There is a feeling of sadness with change too. I can see how thinking back on things can take us back to more innocent times---or rowdy times in my case;)

  3. Kate - same thing here in spite of the so called 'planning process'.

    anna--flowergardengirl - thanks for stopping by and welcome! Glad the process is working better where you live. I've been lurking on your blog lately - must have a more proactive look...

  4. I will be watching your changing Chippenham photos as I used to work in Chippenham many many years ago. The last time I visited the town had changed and grown a great deal.

  5. You're right Starnitesky! It's changed a lot and is and will be even more. That's why I thought I'd better crack on and document what's going on around here.


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