ABC Wednesday - N is for...

...Not in Use

This is the sign that adorns our loo door up at the allotment for 5 months of the year. Whilst we're lucky to have a water supply, it's turned off in November for the winter to prevent burst pipes and leaks. It's only just been turned back on owing to the cold spring we've been having.

For other ABC Wednesday pictures hop on over to Mrs Nesbitt's Place.


  1. Oh, dear, I wouldn't get to work long without it!

    Your April flowers slideshow is very pretty.

  2. The play of light and shadow in this image is great! I'm sorry your loo is not working for that many months, but as a viewer, I've definitely benefitted from the situation.

  3. You can dispense with the potty now! x

  4. Good and interesting shot! An original idea for "N" letter!

    Here is mine:

    p.s. Please use Google translator at the right side of my webpage if you need translation from French to English.

  5. LOL here!
    Neat choice.

  6. Thought it was an outside loo! LOL!

  7. Oh, dear, it's a good job you don't have to spend too much time there over winter!

  8. Well, VP, I'm glad the water is NOW turned on!

  9. yikes. that's a long time to keep your legs crossed!

  10. I know where all the restrooms are--and which ones to avoid.

    Do you know much about growing nasturtiums? Josie in Vancouver is wondering.

  11. Funny picture! In the US, though, the sign would read "out of order." Knowing me, I would see this sign and think it meant "unoccupied" and walk right in. I'll have to remember this one.

  12. I love the loo photo!!!
    Mine are up here:

  13. LOL! Great choice:) I'm glad you have your water back now:)
    Petunia's ABC

  14. These comments are right - it is a great photo.

  15. Hi VP

    I've tagged you on my blog, so you're it. Hope you want to play.

    Cheers, Simon

  16. I guess the balmy tropics of Cricketts lane account for the continuous supply of water over winter on site. Or could it be I just got lucky making the decision to leave the water on !!

  17. Hi everyone - thanks for your comments, especially the 'toilet' humour ;) ;)

  18. Oh and Wary Warden - welcome! I thought there was something strange about that side of town...



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