Leafing Through...

In response to Threadspider's comment last week, here's proof that Skimble does indeed bring us presents of the reddest Photinia x fraseri 'Red Robin' leaves he can find. As you can see he's contemplating going and getting the next one. He always brings us red rubber bands too - I wonder if cats can see in colour?


  1. I must have missed that post VP .. Skimble SEES colour .. blow off that jargon so called scientists blah blah about .. it is more than obvious Skimble loves the colour RED !!!
    Joy : )

  2. It really is fascinating behaviour. I've never known a cat to bring in non-furries before. But then he is one in a million. : )

  3. Our cats bring lizards.

    The interesting thing is - that they kill mice, voles and young rats - but bring lizards, unharmed and alive.

    They bring them to the back door, pin the lizard to the ground with a paw, and miauw till we come to see it.

    I have returned two to the rough ground near our house in the past week.

    (The first two of the year - it's a seasonal thing.)



  4. That is so interesting. We had a cat that brought us rubber bands, but I think she just like the texture.

  5. That is so strange! I thought cats could only see in Black and White. Nevertheless, how great to get gifts that don't bit, squeek or die under the sofa and start to smell!!!!

  6. That's far better than the rats, dead and often as big as itself, that one of our cats used to delight in leaving on the back doorstep!

  7. Skimble must like red, I believe animals can see colour, you are lucky he brings you red things better than the odd mouse etc.

  8. I agree that it's nice Skimble brings you gifts of leaves rather than something else. We had a cat once who thought my daughter's hamster was an invading rodent. Well, I won't go into that tragedy.

  9. Joy - I've had a look via Google - opinion's divided on whether they do or not. Based on my extremely unscientific study, they do.

    Threadspider - yes we think so too.

    Esther - that's fascinating. Skimble caught a bat once. Luckily I managed to release it unharmed to fly around the garden and house again

    Aunt Debbi - I think Skimble likes the texture of rubber bands as well as their colour

    Suburbia, Flighty, Starnitesky - oh he brings in the usual 'presents' as well. Last week mouse season was declared. Luckily the leaves and rubber bands are more frequent than the nasties

    Rose - Skimble bought in a hamster once and left it for us to discover at the bottom of the stairs. Luckily for us it wasn't next door's treasured pet. I still imagine some poor weeping child somewhere distraught over their missing furball.

  10. I wonder whether it could be scent as well as colour that is attracting Skimble to the photinia leaves. Could I please borrow Skimble to retrieve the discarded trail of red rubber bands that our postman leaves in his wake ?

  11. Anna - I hadn't thought of that possibility!

    No problem - how long do you need him for? Not long probably, he's pretty thorough ;~)


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