Thought Fragments from Bristol

Hustling bustle slows
To Temple tranquility
Stately sentinels salute
Relics in their midst

Roses for rememberance
Simple blossoms bloom
A pause in city life
Complete with birdsong

Scattered thoughts
Gather around me
I'm at peace
Time to pause, to reflect

Sirens shatter stillness
I walk on.


  1. You're missing Bristol?! Come and visit!

  2. No - not bad poetry (Why do you use that tag?)
    I enjoyed it - along with the images

  3. Very nice post. Loved the shadows on the lawn!

  4. I love the top photo!

    (I saw you at David's blog and clicked on your link)

  5. Lovely! And thanks for all your comments about Klapa music, I hope you will enjoy many more of it and if you ever need any sources, there's a whole lot of full albums for download of different klapas and different old, dalmatian songs so I can always suggest some good ones. Cheers!

  6. This was lovely!
    have you checked out "It's not easy being green" lonk on my blog? You would love it. Also next Wednesday we have a new member to ABC Wednesday, Compostwoman! She is a pal of mine. You will love her!

  7. Beautiful photos, and I enjoyed your poem. I call myself a bad poet, too, but you do not deserve the title.

  8. Sorry, meant to edit my last comment before hitting "publish." What I meant to say was that you shouldn't call yourself a bad poet (wish there was a way to italicize words here), because your poem was very good!

  9. I loved your poem and the images- don't sell yourself short with the "bad poetry" tag! The old school song was bad poetry ; )

  10. Nice photos, good poem! xx

  11. Btw, there's an award waiting for you @ my place.

  12. Those are beautiful photographs. I love the tree shadows on the green lawn (I've forgotten that lawns are green since the ones around here - now uncovered from snow - are brown and yellow).

    I enjoyed your poem and agree with Karen - it isn't bad. It needs the label 'good poetry'.

  13. Hi VP
    I have nominated you for a blog award. The details are on my blog.

  14. Suburbia - that sounds a great idea!

    Karen, Rose, Judith, Flighty and Kate - thanks for your kind words about my words :) Luckily you outnumber the number of nominations I have currently for a bad poetry award ;)

    Chey - welcome and thanks. I'll hop on over and check your blog out soon.

    Christine - thanks for coming on over from David's, good to see you!

    Viooltje - thanks for enriching my (and the choir's) understanding of the music we're singing. No doubt we'll be asking your expert advice very soon!

    Nessa - good to see you!

    Denise - yes I have, but have been put off by having to register to use the site. Other forums allow guest readers too. Didn't notice that you're one of the moderators though - so expect to see me in there soon :) I look forward to meeting Compostwoman! How many bins does she have? I've got 10...

    Deborah - aw thanks, that's really kind of you. I've checked it out and am just mulling over who to pass it onto.

  15. I have in excess of 20 ( blush)

    Is that a problem, do you think??
    ( CW looks around, worriedly...)

  16. Not at all compostwoman - I aspire to your level :)


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