Bizarre Bathrooms

One of the weirder aspects of the Ideal Home Show was the Madame Tussauds Celebrity Bathrooms display in the Bathroom Ideas section. This comprised of 5 different bathrooms replete with wax dummies - often posed as far away from the bathroom furniture as possible. Only J-Lo and the Louis Walsh/Simon Cowell combos were dressed in bathroom gear, the rest were dressed as if they were going to an awards ceremony, such as the pictured George Clooney. I took this picture just before closing time. Earlier on in the day you couldn't get near him for 'women of a certain age' queuing up to have their pictures taken. I felt it was just plain creepy - I haven't really liked things like this ever since being scared to death by The Autons in Dr Who as a child. I still have nightmares about being trapped in an old fashioned department store being chased by mannequins to this day. On Friday evening NAH and I watched Michael Clayton on DVD - a much better (and thought provoking) way to see George Clooney in my view.

Update: For those of you reading this on a Sunday UK time, your eyes aren't deceiving you. I was trying out Blogger's new beta test scheduling feature and set this piece up for Monday morning. It was happily sitting there as a scheduled item until I hit the refresh key when I returned to my blog and hey presto! it appeared before the scheduled date and time. I've reported this bug to Blogger. Be warned - I'll be trying this new feature again to see whether the post appears at the scheduled date and time, so be prepared for seeing something early again...


  1. I've not tried scheduled blogging yet and probably won't until I've let trendsetters like yourself test it out first.

    But who really cares if post appear to be commented on before they're officially published?

  2. VP ... Jess and Skimble look very happy in those photos .. cat smiles !
    I'm so mad it will take us ages to see those new Dr.Who episodes !!!
    Joy .. BIG sigh !
    I haven't tried that new feature yet myself .. hum ... ?

  3. I've never seen a home show with wax dummies before. It seems quite extravagant. That actually looks a bit like George C.

  4. Celebrity bathrooms?? I'm with you--watching George Clooney on a DVD sounds much better. And he was wonderful in Michael Clayton.

  5. Hyde DP - you're right it doesn't matter, but I wanted to make other Bloggers aware of the potential pitfalls if they try this out. I've used it since successfully AND found another similar bug...

    Joy - Glad you like the cats. Don't worry, October will be here in a flash. Do try the new feature - it mainly works!

    Chey - welcome :D It was strange, but yeah it does look similar to the real thing-ish

    Rose - yes he was and I'm looking forward to going to see Leatherheads too...


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