I was feeling rather left out when most of the UK's garden bloggers posted their pictures of snowy gardens, fields and snowmen yesterday. So here's the light dusting of snow Chippenham experienced for all of half an hour this morning. Canadian readers in particular will be falling about laughing at how such a pathetic amount is newsworthy. However, this is the only snow to have settled here so far this winter, so do indulge me - just this once ;)


  1. Are you sure that's not icing sugar? :-D

    I used to find where I lived up near Stroud had it's own micro climate too and a lot of the bad weather used to pass by.

    PS don't know if it's to do with your blogger version but my first attempt at posting this comment failed because where there should be the letters to enter it just said 'visual verification' and wouldn't let me enter anything in the box. Had to hit send and it then gave me a set of letters for a second attempt

  2. I think that this is somewhat of a brave post knowing the sort of comment that you're likely to get!
    All I'll say about your snowdust is something is better than nothing I suppose!

  3. On Sunday we had 3" of snow in South Herts, a very exciting novelty. Yet by 4pm it had all gone and the sun came out. Strange weather all round, especially for a gardener.

  4. Tee hee!
    Well snow is snow!

  5. Speaking as a Canadian who has had enough snow to last several winters, I say you are most welcome to it. :) My daughter spent two years in Ireland and was always excited by the merest hint of snow.

  6. Hi VP. You encouraged me to post my snow pictures. And yes, we too had more that you.


  7. That is a bit pathetic really, isn't it ? still it probably means that the summer in Chippenham will be sunnier.
    We had perfect snow: fell quickly, skies were blue, nobody had to drive through the stuff, light was delicious and it went by tea time. Very well behaved. Snow and cherry blossom is an unusual combination. Quite like marmalade and bacon - unexpected, probably unnatural but, in the end, surprisingly delightful.

  8. Here near Liverpool we have probably only had a similar dusting all winter until Sunday morning when we work up to sparkling skies and a real blanket. It was all gone by lunchtime though. At least you have had a sprinkling VP so you can now feel that you have had a real winter :)

  9. The last comment is from me VP - tried to retrieve it but too late :)

  10. How an earth did you get out of your front door! x

  11. dnd - I thought that myself ;), but I can assure you it was icily cold. You've also found a 'feature' of Blogger, I get it myself from time to time when Commenting on other blogs. Usually the second attempt seems to kick start Blogger back into life and do the right thing. Glad it hasn't put you off commenting.

    Flighty - it's precisely why I did post it ;)

    Hi Easygardener - you should have sent it over here, I wanna throw a snowball!

    Karen - yes it is!

    Nancy - I knew you Canadians wouldn't be at all impressed ;)

    Simon - great pictures over at your place - grrrrr ;)

    James AS - too right, but it's your fault. That snow and cherry blossom picture was lovely and I so didn't want to be left out ;)

    Anna - you know you're welcome here anonymous or not!

    Louise - I had to push the door really hard to get out ;) What I didn't say in the post was I was rushing round the garden in my dressing gown at 7.45am just to get some pictures before it all melted. Am I mad or what?


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