Magnetic Poetry - April

Another example which thoroughly justifies my nomination as the worst garden blogger poet over at The Garden Monkey. I'm secretly quite proud of this, but it's early days yet re actually grabbing the award. Last week's effort garnered my nomination, but my spectacular early efforts in the genre here and here have been overlooked. They show why I need my Bad Poetry tag.

This is just one category in the funtastic Fork n Monkey awards. You have until May 16th to vote. Note that some element of gardening must be included in any blog nominated. The full set of categories are:
  • Best Writing
  • Favourite Cat Blog
  • Favourite Seedling Photo
  • Favourite Snap Without Crackle or Pop
  • Heather Mills Al Fayed Award
  • Jeeves Award for Worst Dressed Celebrity Gardener
  • Most Entertaining Garden Website
  • Most Interesting Self-Portrait
  • Most Unusual Vegetable Based Blog
  • Not the Greatest Poetry in the World (mine!)


  1. I don't know...I think your poem is pretty great. :)

  2. Humm - yes!

    I think I'd like to be nominated for 'Best Writing' or 'Most Entertaining' Garden Blog.



    I'd like that!


    Esther Montgomery

  3. no! you're wrong! that poem is great, very wallace stevens

  4. Awwwh, who would nominate you for worst poetry? I certainly wouldn't. If today's is not Wallace Stevens-like, maybe William Carlos Williams?
    By the way, I have given you a different award (a good one!). Stop by my site to pick it up.

  5. Nancy - thanks!

    Esther - I don't mind really, 'cos it's all a bit of fun.

    Emmat - that's very flattering!

    Rose - thank you and I'm on my way!

  6. Surburbia - is that because it's about Bristol? ;)


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