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Well it's been quite a week for VP here. I'm quietly typing away and a whole nosegay of awards and accolades fall into my lap. I'm really pleased - I write my blog to be the kind of magazine I'd enjoy reading and it's really good to know that many of you out there like what I do. Constructive criticism is also welcome. In order to thank everyone properly and to pass these beauties on, I think it's going to take more than one post to deal with this little lot.

Firstly, thanks to David McMahon over at Authorblog. He has a regular feature called Post of the Day, where he nominates his best reads. David has given me an honourable mention twice this week for Signs of Tinseltown and Hollywood Inaction. Thanks David - coming from an author, that's special praise indeed. Passing this award on is easy, just check out David's blog and say g'day - he also welcomes your nominations for the award.

Next up to give me an award was Viooltje - a lovely, recently made friend from Croatia. Do go and visit her blog for fun, informative posts and fabulous photographs of gardens and Kefalonia. Viooltje has been very generously telling me all about the music of her homeland, a style called Klapa. We're currently singing one of these songs (Plovi Barko) at choir and will be performing it at Stourhead next month. Viooltje's so enriched my experience that I hope we'll be doing some more of these songs in the future - and I know who to go to for some recommendations :)

I need to pass this award on to 10 people. A difficult choice when I have so many in my Google Reader. I'd like to nominate:

  • Threadspider - I know her previous blog received this award; it also needs to adorn her new one
  • Simon over at The Plot Thickens - Simon has been a good friend pretty well from when I started to blog. In addition to allotment goodies, go over there for a dash of poetry, folklore and an award winning shed
  • Kate Smudges - another Blogger escapee who needs this to decorate her lovely fresh new site
  • Gardenpunks - a dose of Californian sunshine, gardening and sustainability. Go and check Katie and Chris out if you haven't already
  • Aunt Debbi's Garden - worth a visit just to see her Gerberas and a sure bet to cheer you up
  • An Artists Garden - practical gardening with humour plus Karen's a very talented artist based in one of my favourite parts of Wales
  • Deborah of From Here to Eternity - from England to a farm in France complete with alpacas. It's a fascinating story
  • I'm surprised that this doesn't appear on Louise's blog already. Lots of lovely plants, poetry and friendly comments from over at her Patch
  • Jodi of Bloomingwriter fame - lots of thoughtful posts, comments and general blogging encouragement
  • David McMahon - see above for links. I've been a fan of his stories, humour and photography way before his awards to me recently!

I'm sure at least some of you have had this award before, but that doesn't matter. I don't think the awards criteria states that you can only have it once!

Phew - that's it for today. Deborah and Surburbia - don't worry your awards are in the next bus, sorry post to come along :)


  1. Many thanks VP,

    I really appreciate the award. I hope you've had a lovely time away and well done for all your forward planning and posting.

    Deborah x

  2. Lovely entry VP! For me that is what blogging at its best is all about.
    Have a good weekend! xx
    You've obviously linked to me in your next entry as it shows up on my blog but doesn't link back to it yet. Presumably it will when it appears.

  3. Thank you thank you VP. I am very honored.


  4. VP - Thanks so much for this award! I am honored to be picked out of a list of many many great blogs and recognized.

    Keep up the good work.


  5. Thank you so much for the award Michelle-I am dancing in my diamante wellies!
    Enjoy your break!

  6. Thank you so much VP - I really appreciate you passing on the "E" to me.
    Very impressed with your forward posting! Hope you had a good time away.

  7. Thanks for this one Michelle, you are too kind. Your blog is great, you are so regular, I find it difficult to keep up! x

  8. Thanks, VP, for the 'E' award! It is much appreciated. Here's hoping you are having a wonderful time away.

    I'm off to check of Viooltje's blog and find out more about Klapa.

  9. VP, thanks so much for the E award! I think I'll take it to mean 'Encouragement," because I don't feel too excellent and could use some encouragement. Or Euphorbia! ;-) Best to you and the feline helpers from me across the pond in springlike NS.

  10. Hi everyone - you're all most welcome and very well desrved too each and everyone of you.


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