Well, were you fooled?

I'm a day late in posting this as we had an early start and late finish yesterday in order to go to the Ideal Home Show in London. I'm sure you'll agree it was worth it, just for the picture taken on the B&Q stand to illustrate my April Fool's Day roundup. More about the show itself in later postings.

I was pleased to see so many Garden Bloggers out there in a playful mood on Tuesday and thanks to those of you who left a comment on my small contribution. Jodi over at Bloomingwriter killed two birds with one stone by re-writing the opening lines of my favourite poem (TS Eliot's The Waste Land) for her Garden Bloggers Muse Day offering thus providing links to several jokes, including the splendid Daffogerberas and mysterious Indian artefacts I'd also seen in Nancy and Carol's gardens. I loved Aunt Debbi's tale concerning her monkeys' constant attempts to con her; Matron's new type of apple was a delight, as was Phil's astonishing news concerning Kew Gardens.

The BBC got a lot of mileage from their 'flying penguins' - even showing a 'making of' article the next day. This also provided the annual excuse to reshow the classic 'spaghetti harvest' spoof from 1957.

Update - from the Commenters on this piece, I see that Prairie Rose has the ultimate rabbit solution...


  1. Nice a**e, Michelle. I enjoyed our trip out today and I am enjoying catching up with some of your links too.

  2. Oh my, who would buy such a thing?? Perfect for April Fool's! Loved your post yesterday on your cats. Our cat Toby has similar likings for boxes, gift bags, and laundry hampers.

  3. And how about Google - offering to write our posts for us?

    Thanks for putting me on your Blotanist's list. I'm really glad you like ESTHER IN THE GARDEN


  4. Just watched the flying penguins, I missed it on ''the day'', so thanks ....it looks so real! How can we ever trust the BBC again?!

  5. Thanks for the mention vp. Everybody seemed to have fun. Love the picture.

  6. Threadspider - it was fun, both doing the post and our trip. See you soon!

    Rose - I think cats have an attraction for such things. Jess put herself in hubby's suitcase today whilst he was packing...

    Esther - it was a great spoof wasn't it? I particularly liked the new sort by great content feature ;)

    Suburbia - it was agood un. How can they beat it next year?!

    Debbi - no problem. It was good to find some great posts like yours to link to for my round up :)

  7. About a month ago I saw these water 'butts' in B&Q and said to John it would make a great photo for the blog, but on reflection I decided against it, as I didn't want to offend the paying public, as I thought the tap was placed in rather an ominous place! Now if I had been asked to guess which blogger I know who would dare put it on their blog, I would have said you! Did you notice there were different shades you could choose from? John wanted one for our garden, but I reminded him that we didn't have the right style of garden! Is there a style of garden a bottom would fit into, great idea though by (Wayne) Hemingway design and great post by you. x

  8. Louise - I'll take that as a compliment :) Mind you, I did have similar doubts as you, but it just made me giggle so much on the day, I couldn't resist the post. It seemed to fit with April Fools too(butt of all jokes?) - well that's my excuse anyway...

  9. Darn it - i'm always too late... :)

  10. Ha Ha HM, but I enjoyed your link on my post anyway :)


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