Signs of Tinseltown

Unlike the last time, I managed to take a picture of the 'secret' sign at the end of our road yesterday. It's one of the cryptic clues left for the latest film crew to find their way to Lacock from the M4. On Thursday, the village will be graced with the presence of Sir Anthony Hopkins, who is starring in The Wolfman, a remake of the 1941 film. The Tithe Barn and High Street will be used for the scenes and judging by the signs a little further along the road, it looks like Castle Combe will also be used. We've also just heard that Dame Judi Dench will be returning to Lacock later on in the year to film a Cranford Christmas Special for screening in 2009. Exciting isn't it?

Last night we had our first choir social event - a meal at the Flemish Weaver in Corsham. On arrival, I found myself in the middle of another filming event, for Tess of the D'Urbevilles starring the latest Bond girl. The street opposite the pub was transformed (oh why did I leave my camera at home?) and two heavy horses and carts were trundling up and down. Various dark clothed dowdy extras crossed the street from time to time in response to very crackly instructions relayed to them via walkie talkies held by the film crew. Progress was slow as it took ages for the horse and carts to be repositioned for each take. We had the 'ambience' of the massive arc lights used on the set illuminating our meal plus windowseat views of all the action. Strangely the crew's packing up to go home coincided with our post meal rendition of some of our favourite songs - do you think we scared them off?


  1. Ah, those signs. I never noticed them until I became a film extra, then they were so important!

    Usually they point to the main base and then crews go out from there to local locations. That way they dont have too many signs confusing people to where they should be going.

    I really miss my days filming, I can't find any similar agencies over here.

  2. Ah, that explains it, we went to Lacock on Sunday and the tithe barn was closed up with a big tape cross on the door, I guess they were busy converting the inside to a film set!

    I really enjoyed meeting up with Threadspider yesterday, so it would be great if we are all able to get together sometime soon :)

  3. Did you get a gig as an extra?

    Do tell us more about .....

  4. Well that's added a bit of excitement hasn't it?

    I'm over from David's blog. How a film crew can totally transform a quiet village...

    Hope you enjoyed your meal anyway.

  5. Congratulations for being mentioned on post of the day (a bit late but I've only just found it)

  6. dnd - great insider info! It was almost confusing a bit further on as there were signs both to this one and the Tess of the D'Urbevilles location (TD in neon orange). I find your life - current and previous one fascinating...

    Angelcat - see you next week :)

    David - No and I've left a comment over at your place ;)

    Crazycath - welcome and good to see you! We had a great time - the filming added spice to the evening.

    Suburbia - thanks. It was a nice surprise :)


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