An Announcement & A Bizarre Invitation

Last night at choir practice:

Hi, I'm from Touch TV and we're doing a series for the Discovery Channel on the Human Body. One of the episodes is looking at laughter.

We all found this very funny and laughed - right on cue.

Yes, we use up 341,000 calories during our lifetime just in the act of laughing.

Amazing - this could be the new diet we've all been waiting for!

We'll have 1,000 custard pies at our studios in Neston tomorrow [totalling 341,000 calories] and are looking for volunteers to come along to fling them at each other.

I find this idea strangely irresistable...


  1. There is NOTHING strange about why this appeals to you VP .. I find it quite characteristic for YOU girl ! LOL ... how many calories was that again ?
    Joy hahahahahaha !

  2. Ahahahaha! I would be there in seconds if I had a chance. Go for it!

  3. Now that was fun to read about - I can only imagine the laughter whilst throwing 1,000 flans around. I hope the show segment will be on a website so we can all enjoy the fun.

    I love the idea of a cat flap in the pub ...

  4. Joy - I'm not surprised you're not surprised :) And the answer is loads - so keep laughing :D

    Rosengeranium - I did!

    Kate - we all laughed until we ached! I think every pub bar should have one!


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