Now Flying from Terminal 5

Along with the 'flying penguins' on this morning's Breakfast News, it seems that pigs really can fly today. Unlike flights recently from Heathrow's brand spanking new Terminal 5...


  1. I love it!

    Seriously it is a really cute pi

  2. if you can edit that make it a cute pig - that's what happens when you are instant messaging children in the UK and Singapore at the same time!

  3. That's a photo you don't find often. :)

  4. I just love those! I want a whole squadron flying over my garden!

  5. Love the pig! Just found your blog; I plan to take time later this evening to read earlier posts.

  6. Perfect summary of the whole airport situation-except the pig makes me smile!

  7. Hi vp
    This has nothing to do with flying pigs but husband wants to know a quick way of getting potato peelings to compost down quickly!! I am fed up with him throwing them away!! (perhaps flying pigs are appropriate)

  8. Suburbia - How quickly do you want them to rot down? I find they're as quick as anything else in the compost heap as long as you've got the mix between green and brown waste right. Garden Organic have gots lots of info on composting if you want to explore further, otherwise do ask me agian if you want more info from me :)

    I'll also put this answer over at your place...

  9. Always remind me of Pink Floyd ! Know what i mean ?

    Nice blog btw

  10. Those flying penguins nearly had me fooled today - they looked so realistic :)

  11. What a lovely pig planter, I haven't ever seen one of those. x

  12. Hi Dnd - it does make you smile doesn't it!

    Nancy - yep. Though this little piggy's still flying!

    Matron - what a superb idea! I enjoyed your new 'apple variety' too.

    Rose - thanks for stopping by and commenting. I hope you enjoy your exploration!

    Judith - I didcovered it on that dreadful Saturday when I came up to see you. I just had to go back and take a photo in the sunshine and have a good giggle

    Suburbia - hope you found the reply I left over on your blog useful

    Big Gaz - I know exactly what you mean. Happy times...

    Anna - it was a good one wasn't it? How will they top that next year?

    Louise - I think you can get them from Homebase. Otherwise it'll be B&Q or Focus...


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