A Garden in Time

This post is especially for Joy, a self-confessed Dr Who fan. It was taken at the RHS Show in Cardiff just over a week ago and was awarded the best Show Garden, attaining RHS Silver Gilt standard. This garden also appeared at Chelsea last year, but was more appropriate for the Cardiff show as Dr Who is filmed in and around the city. It's actual title was A Garden in Time and was a garden of 2 halves. The first half (pictured) was contemporary in its feel and reflected the current incarnation of the Dr Who series. The second half represented a garden from the 1960s (all square lawn and serried ranks of annuals plus vegetable plot - just like many gardens in Chippenham currently) which is when Dr Who first started. The pictured TARDIS had just been switched on by the garden designer (also pictured), was revolving and playing the Dr Who theme tune. A few seconds after this picture was taken, the garden designer was inundated by dozens of primary school children, all fans of the programme.

It wasn't my favourite garden at the show - more about that later on in the week.


  1. I'm very much hoping the designer was revolving and playing a tune, but fear you mean the tardis?!

  2. Oh My GOD !!!! VP : )
    This is wonderful ! .. I wish I could have been there to see both gardens (not as a gardener ) but such a fan of all this foolishness since I was a kid and saw the first shows.
    This VP is a most EXCELLENT post and for ME ! Thank You girl !
    I have a big goofy grin on while looking at it : ) haha
    PS .. I think Lisa's comment was pretty darn funny too .. haha
    And all those little school kids .. that is a HOOT !

  3. A Dr. Who garden? What a clever idea to contrast the gardens of the time of the original series and the current one!

  4. My husband is a great Dr. Who fan, and he's watched it since Tom Baker was The Doctor. Great garden to see.

  5. How cool is that!
    I have an awful fascination for Dr. Who - Darleks used to really scare me
    Mind you we are talking William Hartnell as Dr. Who, black and white TV .....
    An Artist's Garden

  6. Lisa - I knew it was a bit ambiuous, but decided to leave it as is ;)

    Joy - glad you like it!

    Dirty knees - ditto!

    Crafty Gardener - Dr Who seems to be very popular in Canada judging by these comments!

    Karen - I know exactly what you mean!


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