A Rare Event

NAH isn't called Non-allotmenteering Husband for nothing. Usually his sole contribution to our food production is ensuring the grass gets mown from time to time. However, his aunt in Poole gave us a Mantis Tiller last month, so I've managed to persuade him into another useful plot based actvity involving a gadget. Sadly Gwen has had to give up her plot now (third generation allotmenteer no less and my inspiration) and was only too glad to pass the Mantis on to us. Luckily NAH is an engineer, so was able to get the tiller working again. It was a close run thing - there was a certain temper lost this afternoon (believe me it's best to evacuate the area when this happens) which got placated by a swift ice cream of the Magnum variety (phew!). The Mantis isn't everyone's cup of tea, but it worked beautifully this afternoon, seeming to spite Fred at plot 20's dire warnings about our clay and the machine's light weight.

Now I can plant the held back spuds tomorrow - it'll be much quicker than last year thank goodness. The dry Spring conspired to make concrete out of my beds and I was almost in tears by the end of potato planting. Ruthie 3 plots up was literally crumbling enormous clods with her bare hands in a desperate attempt to cover her spuds with a finer tilth. Little did we know what was to come...


  1. Oh the dreaded temper tantrum. Did he throw anything?

  2. My DH is very much NA too, despite my best efforts. He occasionally visits. (I also haven't got my potatoes in yet, gah!)

  3. Much more importantly, where do you get a godamn Magnum from when you are down the allotment? Sheesh. Have you got an actual shop there? If i had to go to a shop from my allotment, a Magnum would be a mere chocolatey-stained memory by the time I got all the way back to my plot. i reckon you have got some kind of luxury allotment and basically I just feel seething with envy

  4. Aunt Debbi - luckily no. I've learned to keep a safe distance for at least 20 minutes. That plus a nice cup of tea or another bribe like the proffered Magnum tend to work quite well!

    Lisa - hello! There's still time...

    Emmat - welcome! I cheated - NAH mended it on our patio, within easy reach of the freezer. The pub's not that far away from the plot though :)

  5. Hey good luck on your spuds. Your plot is looking great!

  6. You have a Mantis Tiller !!
    I have admired them for ages ... if only I had one when I started out here .. that is going to be great VP ! .. you are one lucky gardener .. hey ... I like the evacuate thing going on with hubby .. it is just the reverse here .. the words I say when I can't get something to work .. well .. better unsaid for public protection ? LOL
    I'm dead tired from today's adventures .. pj's and robe right now and it is just going on 5 PM .. now is that SAD or what ???
    JoPS ... I miss the Magnums

  7. We have to get our tiller serviced at the beginning of every spring as it is very tempermental about starting. This year, so far, I have been able to start it myself most times. Last year I could only till when hubby was around.

  8. Mike - thanks, they're all planted now. All 10 rows - phew!

    Joy - I'm one lucky girl! Sounds like you've been busy.

    Katney - NAH's aunt had the same problem. I think NAH's fixed it now (fingers crossed)


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