Meeting 'Esther in the Garden' Centre

Last Monday I met Esther Montgomery. In the event she might bring Ming along with her, I thought it best we meet on safe, neutral territory, so we mutually agreed that Poundbury Garden Centre's coffee shop would be a super place to meet. Looking at her blog, it seems Esther was worried about me too - I'm not an axe wielding alien from Saturn, but I did have my Swiss Army Knife (well concealed) just in case. Frankie from Veg Plot was nearer the mark - according to Belbin's team role assessment test, I am indeed a Plant (Resource Investigator too).

Unfortunately Ming was nowhere to be seen, so I can't bring you any stunning revelations about him, nor a sneeky photograph - you'll just have to make do with Esther's portraits. Esther was great - a witty, charming, straight talking companion. I decided not to probe too deeply about her blog - a large part of its pleasure is our daily episode fix as the mystery slowly unravels. Those of you who are a little puzzled by it - just hang in there it will make sense in time, Esther assures me.

Our time together passed all too quickly and Esther disappeared (see picture) into the garden centre to buy some seeds - but where is she? Like Ming, Poundbury is a mysterious place - a model village (looks it too), that seems rather lacking in soul and inhabitants. I saw nobody on the streets, no children playing, no dogs barking, no washing hanging out to dry (clothes lines are banned apparently). Did Esther join the residents somewhere else, in another dimension perhaps? If anyone's looking to remake The Prisoner and Portmeirion's unavailable, I recommend Poundbury to provide a substitute location.

Esther invited NAH and I to her house later in the week. Aha, I'll get to meet Ming - yippee! But illness on Friday prevented us from doing so. Perhaps that saved our skins? Next time I'll bring Skimble and Jess with me for protection, just in case.


  1. Ahhah - been waiting for this post with baited breath.
    An Artist's Garden

  2. Karen - hope you enjoyed it. I certainly enjoyed your Comment over at Esther's...


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