ABC Wednesday – H is for…

...Happy Days

This week’s just the best as far as I’m concerned – wedding anniversary, birthday, GNO*, my work leaving do, plus our award winning Global Village Film Festival all week. NAH’s been hard at work making sure the technical side of things is top notch for taking the films out to various local venues. It started off with the film Once on Saturday (lovely) at The Pound Arts Centre, and will culminate with Nosferatu at St Bartholomew’s Church on Saturday – quite the venue for a horror film!

So for me, this week is a celebration of Happy Days. If you were expecting me to talk about the TV programme of the same name, you may want to look here instead.

Click here for other ABC pictures bought to you by the letter H - not forgetting Mrs Nesbitt of course.

* = Girls’ Night Out – Mexican meal followed by The Other Boleyn Girl, some of which was filmed locally at Lacock and Great Chalfield Manor.


  1. Great choise for the letter H:)
    Have a nice day:)

  2. AH! The whole world's looking for happiness and you've FOUND least for a week. Congratulations!! And happy birthday, happy anniversary, and enjoy the festival.

  3. Love it!!! Good choice for "H".

  4. Wonderful "H" posting...Happy everything and Congratulations

  5. Happy Happy Happy, what a great post so creative

  6. I did think you were going to talk about the TV show at first. Good idea! :D

  7. Like they way you sneaked in ABC
    [Anniversary,Birthday,Cinema]Have a nice happy week!!

  8. I have started the countdown to our wedding anniversary....June 3rd! 20 years. We are going to the Isle of Man TT Races to celebrate..oh and hubby is 50 on the 2nd June too!

  9. Enjoy all your special days!!

  10. What a wonderful week you are having, all those celebrations in one week! Enjoy!!!

  11. Happy everything! I'm sure that you'll have a most enjoyable week with all that's happening.

  12. Fun choice for a fun and happy post. Have a great Happy week!

  13. Happy Anniversary and have a great week.....nice "H".

  14. I love your little smiley faces all lined up.

  15. Enjoy all those special days !

  16. Thanks for your good wishes, everyone. As expected the week was great :D

    Leslie - your comment's made the HD link worthwhile.

    Dee - well spotted with the ABC connection!

    Mrs Nesbitt - next year's the big 1 for us 25 years married and I hit 50!


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