Shhh! Robins Nesting...

I've had to move out of my allotment shed for the next few months as the robins have returned for the third year and built their nest over the shed door. I think you can guess from the picture how they got in there. I popped in to grab the essentials I'll need over the next few weeks and moved them to my extra large compost bin a few yards away. Luckily Mr and Mrs Robin were out when I did this. Have a look at the unusual 'padlock'. The real one disappeared as a result of the last allotment break-in (nothing was stolen from the shed except for a pair of gloves I'd gained from the break-in before!). Mr Allotment Warden improvised with a piece of dogwood twig and I haven't got round to getting a new lock yet. I think the dogwood rather effectively says 'There's nothing in here of value to nick', don't you?

It felt so good to be out on the allotment yesterday. An absence of nearly 3 weeks due to various illnesses means I'm rather behind in my digging and planting.


  1. I've got bluetits nesting just to the side of my garden office shed - they make such a racket when they hatch that people on the phone sometimes ask what that noise is in the background (and get very jealous when I tell them, especially if they're in some awful monolith of an office).

    Thanks for the updated mention. Much appreciated.

  2. That's very considerate of you!
    Like you I was on the plot yesterday morning for a couple of hours as it looks unlikely I'll be doing anything there again until next week.
    Enjoy the weekend, even though the weather looks like being miserable.

  3. How good of you to not disturb the nesters. :)

  4. You lucky thing, I would love to have robins nesting, they may be somewhere in the garden, but I don't know where? I sometimes think that elaborate locks encourage break-ins, as it looks as if you have got something worth pinching. x

  5. Mummy likes yor cats- SKimble looks like Sam, a tabby she had yeers ago. Befor my time. Ahem!

    Thank yu for tellin me abowt the robins. WOW! 3 yeers. They mus reelly like yu! I like the baby wuns, don't yu? They are all cewt an spekly.

    It's rainin so hard heer today that yu carnt always see owt the windo cos it's all blurry. Still, the blackberds ar enjoyin the werms!


  6. Quite right that Mr and Mrs Robin should occupy such a des res. I have not seen my plot for some some time either. I have a week off work so I am hoping that the weather improves at some point and I will get there. There is hail tumbling from the sky just now so maybe not this morning.

  7. Alex - that's conjured up a great picture! No probs re the mention and thanks for the extra one on your site too!

    Flighty and Nancy - hello! It's the least I can do, they pay me back so well later by removing tons of pesky pets!

    Louise - you're so right re the locks, so a dogwood twig must say 'there's just a heap of rubbish in here'. And you what - that's right! x

    Bob - thanks for stopping by - I'm glad your mummy likes our cats - they're getting quite a fan base! Perhaps the Robins appreciate that I vacate the shed for them each year and dig up plenty of grub for their speckly little ones!

    Anna - enjoy your week off and all that catching up in the garden and on your plot!


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