Chippenham’s Banksy – Update

Since my last posting on the subject, 3 more examples of Graffiti Art have appeared in Chippenham. This one is on the side of Chippenham station and it looks like it’s been signed, alas not by Banksy.

A few yards away, Batman has appeared on the side of the footbridge over the railway line. It has a ‘how did they manage to do that?’ quality about it. Perhaps he/she/they flew up there like batman!

Here's a closer view of the actual piece.

The last one is on the side of the local cinema, just a few yards from the bus stop where the first one appeared. Perhaps it's a self portrait of the artist in action.

The question now is – are they all by the same artist?

I chose today to post this update because The City Daily Photo Movement (CDPB) are due to be blogging about Street Art today. Click here for an explanation of what CDPB is and a gateway into a world of daily photos. My thanks to Gerald England from ABC Wednesday for alerting me to this blogging event.


  1. excellent shots
    perhaps you should start a Chippenham Daily Photo

  2. Great pictures. It's really interesting to see Chippenham from someone elses perspective, I'm glad that I 'found' your blog

  3. Interesting street art, VP. I can't tell how it's done. Do you know? It doesn't look like spray paint, which is the medium used by most street "artists" here.

    FYI: Yes, I'm a Creme Egg. I wouldn't have confessed (hahaha) but I see you are too!

  4. I hate graffiti on principle - however nice they are. but I have to admit, those are nice.

  5. I just discovered there was a daily photo for my city that is current. How cool is that! Thank you for telling me about this.

    You have quite the graffiti artist operating there. I am always amazed at the spots people find for graffiti. I quite enjoy it... most people here are horrified and set up teams in summer to paint over all the graffiti. Within days, a new batch appears and out come the outraged paint teams (they have their own printed labels telling us that they've painted our garbage bins in an effort to beautify our neighbourhood.)

    I have a hunch your graffiti is all done by the same person ...

  6. I like good graffiti - like this one :) Banksy is famous here in Poland as well :)
    just empty sketches is not interesting.

  7. I quite like graffiti if it's 'proper' art in that way, scrawled names etc are an eyesore but someone taking the time to do something genuinly impressive is cool. Those look really well made, and like you say the Batman one does make you wonder how they did it.

    Although, if they flew then it wasn't like Batman, he can't fly (although he does 'glide' when he jumps off buildings...) ok, geek over... ;)

  8. Hype DP - thanks for the compliment and the honourary mention on the CDPB list :)

    I'd like to do a daily photo, but it's on hold for the moment. Might be difficult to restrict it to Chippenham too as it's quite a small place...

    Angelcat - hello! Glad to see another Chippenham resident around here!

    Dirty Knees - I think it must be using stencils. The last picture in particular seems to suggest this. It would also mean that they could be done quite quickly on the site chosen. I wonder if everyone will come out as a Creme Egg?

    Sue - hello and welcome! I feel the same as you re graffiti, but kinda like them too.

    Kate - had a look at the Regina site. It's quite different to how I imagined it to be. But then you are posting so many pictures of snow at the moment ;) I think there might be 2 artists at work as 1 piece looks like it's signed and the other 3 aren't

    Ewa - I'm constantly amazed at how well known Banksy is. And he started his graffiti career just 25 miles from here...

    Paul & Melanie - perhaps he/she/they glided down and did it on the way then? ;)


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