Seed Stash Sunday

Our Allotment & Garden Society gets 45% off seeds from DT Brown. I put my order in last December and it was time to collect my booty at the Lordsmead site this morning. Let the sowing commence!


  1. Full speed ahead girl !!!!
    I'll be months behind anything like that yet ... BIG sigh !

  2. Hey VP,
    I really have no idea what you have ordered...but thats why I like blogging, I always learn something new.

    Thanks for commenting on my ABC's You were asking me "why not a a Heiniken Glass?" well I do not drink Heineken beer but White beer such as "wiekse witte" I'll show that glass some time...OK?

    Have a nice day:0)
    Greetings from Dutch JoAnn

  3. You lucky thing, I often buy seeds from DT Brown, at full price! x

  4. I'm thinking about starting some seeds indoors soon! YAY!

  5. I've heard of garden groups getting together to buy seeds at a discount, sounds good. I have found there are so many free seeds, and giveaways through my veggie gardening magazines that I rarely have to buy seeds!

  6. Joy - perhaps you need to get yourself a little greenhouse or conservatory?

    Joann - that sounds like a deal - see you later...

    Louise - that's a shame. Is there anyone you could do a seed swap with - or use Matron's suggestion below?

    YEGTG - glad you're getting going with the growing!

    Matron - same here, that's why there's not a lot of seeds on the list! Nice to see you on here again - how's your supermarketless Lent going?


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