Blogger Word Verification – A New Feature ;)

Warning - unlike my usual posts this one contains rude words, no matter how misspelled. If you object, then please move swiftly on...

Bob T Bear (esq.) is currently having a Word Verification competition as it seems that a context sensitive feature is in random beta test in Blogger at the moment. Bob has had Arsul in response to the quality of his typing. As he says so eloquently:

I try me best! But wiv ownly pors to type wiv it aint always eezy! Onnistly! Wat a cheek!

Yesterday, when replying to a couple of Comments re my losing a key posting I want to link to, I received the extremely rude opinion below on my Save as Favourite skills:
Well! I trust Blogger will amend this feature to provide more constructive criticism before implementing it on a wider, more permanent basis…


  1. Hah! Just the sort of chuckle I needed for a Tuesday that's behaving like Monday (with the threat of more snow coming. I KNEW the real snowdrops in my garden were too good to be true!

  2. I think this is a secret Rorshacht test. Makes me glad I've left the word verification on my blog.

  3. Well how friendly! I shall be taking more notice of the word verification from now on, to see what I can come up with. x

  4. Oh my god .. VP .. I must be a total blank .. most times I don't connect to what those odd letters sound like ? .. I'm just a drone, cursing if I didn't get it right the first, second, and third time .. by then I pretty well give up and slam the laptop ! LOL
    Then you should here what verification I USE !!

  5. Dude, that's awesome! I was actually thinking about this today when I came across:

    tadai (I thought it looked a lot like ta-dah!)

    Thanks for the laugh!

  6. HEHEHEHEEE!!!!!!!! I think yu win so far!!! HAHAHAH!!!!

    Sorry it took a wile to get rownd to this post.... wat wiv Snowbear bildin an all....


    I put it in wrong on purpose twice an now it sez ugyyppo

  7. that's wonderful, what a laugh, but how come you get letters that are readable, I usually get an indecipherable squiggle and it takes 3 goes to submit

  8. Jodi - always glad to oblige. I see from your blog that spring is at last getting to Nova Scotia, albeit oh so slowly.

    MMD - I think you're right and I fail it regularly ;)

    Louise - let me know what you find!

    Joy - see what fun you're missing now you've switched WV OFF?!

    Katie - that's a good one, I like it!

    Bob - I quite understand, there's not been that much chance to build snowbears this year has there? I'm not sure bears should know such language though! Hehehehehe. I've also had mtztso (japanese gloves?) and ndugwc (a timely warning not to did up the loo?) since. I'm seeing words in nearly all my WV, at the moment ;)

    dnd - perhaps you need to join the competition, then like me you'll see words everywhere. Or perhaps this 'feature's' not been implemented in France yet? Know what you mean about the number of attempts needed though, the italics ones are particularly pesky!

  9. Thanks Anna - keep your eyes peeled for other examples!


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