Environmentally Friendly Easter Eggs?

On Sunday, we went to Poole to visit NAH's aunt. We had a lovely time, were spoilt rotten and given an Easter Egg each on our departure. Naughty Bunnies - Us? We chomped our way through the first set of goodies yesterday, yum yum. Whilst making breakfast this morning, I idly glanced at the back of the packaging: A better choice for you and the environment? Let's examine this claim:

The box is made from 75% recycled cardboard and can be recycled again - pretty good
The egg and sweets are made in the UK - that's good for me, less food miles
Great care's been taken concerning nuts, ensuring no artificial colours & flavours, plus there's lots of information about the ingredients - all good information for allergy sufferers and vegetarians

BUT hang on:
The contents are held in clear plastic & it doesn't tell me what type of plastic it is - no chance of recycling it & it's not really reusable
The egg and sweets are made in the UK - no good for those naughty bunnies in Oz
The sweets contain beef gelatin, milk, soya and sulphites - no good for vegetarians and some allergy sufferers then

Hmm Kinnerton, I think you must do far better than that before making your better choice claim.


  1. Beef gelatin in chocolate - oh yuck. I'm a vegetarian but it had never occurred to me to look :(

  2. Hi Sue,

    The gelatin's in the sweets not the chocolate, so the easter egg goodies you've been sampling on your site should be OK.

    It shows how careful we have to be with food labelling today though doesn't it?

  3. They didn't lie - it said "A better choice," not "A good choice." But you're right, you've got to read between the lines. How hard would it have been for them to use recyclable plastic. I do like the subtitle "for a naughty bunny."

  4. Soy and sulphites .. nasty to me .. so this would have me hanging off the roof top .. hum ... might be entertaining for the family to watch ? LOL
    You really have to wonder about where this all comes from and where it all goes !

  5. MMD - A good point. Better than what though? Looking at other eggs we've had, they're no different ingredients or packaging wise.

    Joy - can I come and watch too? ;)


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