Signs of Spring 4

These are always the first Tulips to flower in my garden. I planted them 9 years ago before I really got into gardening, so I don't know the variety.


  1. The tulips are such a lovely colour, VP. Do you keep them in the pot year-round? Are they multiplying or do you have the same number every year?

  2. Hi YEGTG - Yes I keep them in the pot alll year (though most 'experts' recommend you dig them up and store them each year) and I get the same number of blooms each year.

  3. I have no tulips in my garden this year, I gave them a miss, although I miss them already! x

  4. Hi Louise,

    It's taken me a while to appreciate Tulips, but now I love them. I'm a bit lazy with looking after them though. I suspect you might have some next year?


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