Signs of Spring 2

Cowslips amongst the Euonymus. These are gradually spreading themselves down the side garden bank towards the Guerilla Garden - just as I'd hoped they'd do.

If you'd like to find out more about the Euonymus, I wrote about it here.


  1. VP ... I just got the "Swan" bit now .. coffee may be kicking in finally .. too funny !
    I watched Allan Titchmarsh a lot in the past few years and he was a fan of these as well .. they do look pretty ... and better to admire than a SNOW BANK ! haha

  2. VP, now you're really making me jealous. LOL It'll be a while before I'll see cowslips here.

    My first sign of spring is a creek that's flowing -- no ice! Yippee!

  3. Oh i love and wish for signs of spring.I have a few daffodils that have popped up but still have not opened

  4. First my dad's lawn is covered in snowdrops, crocus and daffodils, being followed by cowslips. My face is starting to turn a lovely shade of green! x

  5. Joy - I'm sure Spring will be 'busting' it's way over to you soon!

    YEGTG - sorry, I just can't help it!

    Lilli and Nevada - and very nice those daffodils looked over on your website...

    Louise - You need to go and get some 'thinnings' from your dad, then you won't be so envious!


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