ABC Wednesday - I is for...

...Icons of Britain

I couldn't resist showing you two of our most iconic pieces of street furniture, the post and telephone box. These examples are lurking outside the recently refurbished Chippenham's train station. You'll see that the post box is a relatively recent example as it has Queen Elizabeth's monogram. Even though the majority of us now have mobile phones, there was a public outcry when British Telecom began to remove these phoneboxes from our streets. There's a really good website dedicated to these and other icons of the British way of life e.g. cricket, our weather, routemaster buses etc. etc.

See Mrs Nesbitt's Place for more ABC pictures.


  1. It blows my mind when I am up in the middle of the night and you are posting for my tomorrow. Cool y'all are hanging on to the old stuff. Can you translate Texan?

  2. VP ... I'm waiting to see the "T" for Dr. Who and his "phone box" !!!

  3. Hadn't seen a red phone box for ages till recently when we saw two within a mile of each other down near Petworth (I think... lol) when we were on a day out. They both had signs saying 'Does not accept coins' on them though so not quite sure what they used, perhaps they have credit card swipe things now...

  4. Those are very nice and colorful Icons

  5. We no long have phone boxes (we call them phone booths). Even the ones they attached to a wall are hard to find now days with so many people using cell phone.
    As for the postal box, our mail boxes are shaped differnt and I have never seen a red one. I think it is so interesting to see what other countries us. Thanks for the great post.

  6. Great photos. Our phone booths here don't last that long.

  7. I'm glad they were able to save them. It's nice to see a phone booth again and I don't think I've ever seen a red one.

  8. This is a great choice of this wweks letter:D

  9. That phone box is bigger than my shed...perhaps I should have got one of those instead!
    Routemasters were proper buses, and much missed!

  10. I've seen a religious icon today, and now a national icon. Good choice. Where's the double decker bus? :)

  11. Good choice for I. The red is so striking.

  12. This is a great use of the word icon foor the letter I. Ther is another post with Icon as it's image--but totally different as you can imagine. And then ther eare all of us with ice, and no two alike. I has been a great ABC.

  13. So cool, VP! I feel like any minute Dr. Who is going to step right out of my computer screen. ;-)

  14. How cute!!! I love running into icons like this!!!

  15. I'm glad these old things are still around. We had one from Victoria's time in our town (long ago when I was young ...)

  16. Ooh, you've found this website too, it is good isn't it. x

  17. Aunt Debbi - yes it's weird isn't it? I sure can!

    Mrs Nesbitt - where would we be without them?

    Joy & Dirty Knees - I can't believe how global Dr Who is, or is it just a Canadian thang!

    Paul & Melanie - I think they might of escaped and set up home in the wilds of Gloucestershire ;)

    Flighty and Alan - there was a Routemaster in Castle Combe (nearby village, nowhere near London, its natural habitat) a couple of weeks ago. Gary Lineker was making the latest Walker's Crisps advert!

    Autumn - we take these everyday things for granted don't we? In Spain these are bright yellow...

    Louise - it's a great website, though I was surprised that the postbox is just at the nomination stage at the moment.

    Everyone else - glad you like my Icons and thanks for leaving a comment. Have a great Easter everyone!

  18. Icons, what a brilliant idea for I!
    Ilike the Daffs too.

  19. Hi Suburbia - and welcome! Glad you like my icons and more importantly, the daffs!

    Starnitesky - you're very busy commenting (great thanks :)), I'm trying to keep up (collapses in a heap, panting...)

  20. Love your post - so original!

  21. Thanks for the link to the 'Icons' website VP. I have bookmarked it for browsing at a later date.

  22. Hi KML - glad you liked it!

    Anna - it's a great website isn't it?

    Hope you all had a good Easter.


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