Yes, there really is a use for couch grass!

Hot on the heels of my snail tip earlier, I have solved a major gardening mystery and finally found a use for couch grass today:
  1. Dig over plot extracting every scrap of couch grass, until back hurts
  2. Collapse in a heap by side of plot
  3. Notice lots of slugs dug up during couch removal exercise
  4. Select a really pointy bit of couch root
  5. Skewer slug with couch (no actual slug handling is required - phew!)
  6. Remove couch and leave slugs for Mr and Mrs Robin to find
  7. Dispose of couch grass in the usual way (choose your preferred method)

A surprisingly satisfying experience. Thankfully my homicidal tendencies extend only to couch grass, bindweed, slugs, snails, aphids, ants and vine weevils - so there's no need to be alarmed, you're quite safe ;)


  1. My mother always used to walk round the garden at first and last light. She despatched any slugs found by cutting them in half with a knife!

  2. There *would* be something quite satisfying about skewering a fat slug. :)

  3. Flighty - I employ a similar technique, only it involves a bowl of salted water. Hope you're having a great weekend!

    Nancy J - too right it is!


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