Friday Freebies

I'd quite forgotten I'd sent off for this little lot - A Grow Your Own Veg pack from the Royal Horticultural Society. It's the Society's follow up to last year's TV series of the same name. The rather smart box shown middle back contained the following goodies - 4 packets of seeds; leaflets on 10 easy veg to grow, container veg gardening and getting started; recipe cards; a glossary of terms and a list of RHS veggie events for this year. There's also a website packed with information and more freebies to support the campaign. Not bad eh!

It's also the monthly Garden Club day at the local garden centre, so I went along and claimed my free bunch of daffodils and chose my half price plant :)

Not a bad ending to a week I'd rather forget healthwise. Here's to a great weekend everyone!


  1. That's a nice haul VP. Hope you have a great weekend.

  2. Looks like a good selection.
    Thanks, you too!

  3. Hi Michelle, I do get quite a few flowers on my clematis, but I have got four mingling in together! My grandpa lives in Valledemosa, a village up in the mountains, very popular with tourists, famous for Chopin. What an unexpected surprise in the post and to get free daffs and a half price plant, is just the icing on the cake. I keep forgetting to say you have got two very pretty cats. x

  4. I've sent off for this offer too but nothing through my letter box yet. Free daffs and a half price plant too - now there's a good start to the weekend. Hope that you are enjoying it !

  5. Simon - good to see you! Hope you had a good one too.

    Flighty - it's not a bad haul!

    Louise - I've been to Valledemosa, it's lovely there.

    GM - Wow and thank you very much!

    Anna - it took quite a while for mine to come too. Try the website in the meantime - you could win some lettuce :o


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