A Surfeit of Shallots

As reported earlier re my onion worries, I now find that I've gone in the other direction and over ordered my shallots for this year. I usually save my own from the previous year's Pikant crop, but I was so certain they'd all go mouldy before planting time, I ordered some backups. Whilst I was there, a freebie French variety (Pesandor) was on offer, so I thought 'why not?' and added those to my order too.

Of course, this meant my saved Pikant sailed through the winter unscathed (unlike their larger cousins used for cooking), so I have three times the usual number of shallots to grow this year. Ironically Thompson & Morgan had a complete failure of their Pikant crop from their supplier in the Netherlands due to the dreadful summer, so they sent me Springfield instead.

I finally got round to planting them this week - I know, I know I'm a month late, but illness and the rotten weather conspired against me. After dealing with the garlic glut too, my plan is already seriously awry from the perfect plot of my imagination.


  1. Hi
    we have a garlic glut every year because that's what Small Sprog loves to grow and eat!

  2. I'm growing Pikant for the first time this year. I got my sets from Marshalls. How do you like Pikant? are they trouble free and prolific? How can I stop my dog treading on them as well!

  3. Gads, VP, can one really have a surfeit of shallots (or any allium, for that matter)?! Wish you could send me some! Of course, once I start trying to tuck the far-too-many onion sets I can never refrain from buying into the limited space of my own beds, I may find myself agreeing with you...

  4. Suburbia - I do too because of over buying. Will be posting the latest on the situation soon.

    Matron - It's the only shallot I've grown and for 4 years. It's red, prolific tasty and gorgeous in casseroles.

    OFB - Hello and welcome! I think you're right both on the veggie and ornamental front. Will come over to your place soon for a visit.


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