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I've started to try and make sense of what I need to do with my seed stash from the RHS today. The upshot is:

3 varieties are relatively straight forward and can be sown straight away - Fatsia, Hyssopus, and Leucojum. As they're from such precious places, I'm going to treat them to some proper seed compost instead of my usual peat-free :)

11 varieties need to be pre-chilled first as a minimum - so they've been put in the fridge today as pictured.

I have a list of questions to be answered before I can get on with anything else. Research will commence as soon as I can stand being logged onto the internet for longer than half an hour...


  1. VP ... it seems to me that you have been able to stay logged on longer than a half hour .. or is your half hour longer than our 30 minutes ??????
    hahahaha ! Joy ; )

  2. Hi VP. It sounds like you have the same peat dilemma that I feel - peat destroys irreplaceable environment but peat-free composts aren't anything like as good. Out of interest, were you convinced about the peat argument by Geoff Hamilton - I know I was - a great man.


  3. That's pretty exciting, except it doesn't sound as if you are doing well. I hope things start to improve and you can get on with your plant research.

  4. Joy - it's in bite sized chunks at the moment :)

    Simon - I try and use peat free, but usually the stuff I can get hold of is just composted wood and I think these need a bit more tlc, especially if they're going to take a year to germinate. I'm hoping for a peat reduced seed compost at the very least though and will try and get peat free if such a thing actually exists. I'll update you!

    Kate - thanks for your good wishes - just about getting there now, hence the lateness in my response...


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